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Two publication series were developed by the Watershed Institute and the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association to assist watershed groups in becoming independent and self sustaining organizations. All publications in these series are free to NJ groups, while supplies last!

The Setting and Maintaining the Right Course is a series of publications written for non-profit organizations and those interested in forming a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to convey detailed information on how to start and build the capacity of a non-profit group, with emphasis on watershed associations. The goal is to provide capacity building tools and resources, allowing groups to perform vital work to protect their local watershed's health.

The Watershed Protection: A How-To Series models these watershed management programs. By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we seek to provide resources which other organizations can use to protect the landscapes and natural resources that we cherish and need. Unlike most models based solely on theory, these models take a unique approach and present theory that is grounded in practical experience and action. The models raise theoretical questions, provide examples and describe concrete steps taken by Stony Brook.

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Program Evaluation
This resource guide provides an overview of what evaluation is, why it is important, and methods of evaluation. It also provides details on resources to obtain more information. Click on the title above to download the guide.

Document Retention and Destruction Policies for Nonprofit Organizations
This resource guide provides on overview of what Document Retention and Destruction Policies are, why they are important, and how to create one for your organization. A sample policy and a listing of additional resources are also included. Click on the title above to download the guide, or contact the Institute for a hard copy.

River-Friendly: Fostering Environmental Stewardship
This model guides you through setting up a program to partner with local businesses, golf courses and residents, offering a collaborative means to adopt sustainable land management practices and attain recognition through "River-Friendly" certification.